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Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) was initially formed in 1995 to meet the requirements of California Senate Bill 697 a law that required private, non-profit hospitals to conduct a triennial community needs assessment.

Since then, CHIP has become known as an innovate think tank for a wide range of public health issues. CHIP staff manages volunteer work teams and public-private partnerships that address the critical healthcare issues identified in our triennial needs assessment through model projects that unify the community and effectively share resources.

With the core functions of assessment; outreach; education and advocacy; program development; and collaboration, CHIP currently has more than 20 programs, initiatives and work groups-many working with persons of diverse social economic status and cultural backgrounds. As a neutral convener, CHIP has mastered the ability to bring together multiple agencies, organizations and individuals in a unique partnership with the expectation that partners set aside their own agendas and work corroboratively for the benefit of the community-at-large.

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CHIP achieves its mission and goals by working through initiatives, programs and affiliated programs. CHIP forms initiatives, coalitions or work teams on an ongoing basis based on the results of our triennial community needs assessment. These collaborative groups are made up representatives from public agencies, healthcare providers, community-based organization, institutes of higher learning, and businesses. CHIP works within these groups to help identify or implement strategies that address service gaps that affect public health. CHIP Programs are the resulting goal-oriented projects that derive from the planning and leadership of CHIP's many initiatives.

Similar to CHIP Initiatives, CHIP Affiliated programs also work in collaboration with public and private partners and address needs outlined in our triennial needs assessment. However, unlike CHIP Initiatives, Affiliate programs were initiated outside of CHIP, and for efficiency purposes, CHIP has been contracted to manage these work groups and programs.

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