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SPC Tools

The following tools have been developed to aid SPC members in their suicide prevention efforts and outreach.  Please contact Lora Cayanan at lcayanan@sdchip.org if you have any questions.

SPC Media Toolkit

The SPC Media Toolkit includes resources and documents on media reporting guidelines as it relates to stories and coverage on suicide. A vetted suicide prevention and mental health experts document is also included for those requesting interviews.

Resources for Schools 

13 Reasons Why Not Activity

An Idea for a Student Engagement Suicide Prevention Project

Active Minds Outreach

Active Minds, the nation’s premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for students, is partnering with California Counties and Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement to provide funding, training, and support to advocates interested in changing the conversation around mental health.

Archived Tools

Suicide Prevention Council “Elevator Pitch”
Quick bullet points for use in describing the purpose and role of the SPC.

Suicide Prevention Action Plan and Suicide Prevention Council Standard Presentation
A standard PowerPoint presentation for use by SPC members in presenting the SPAP and SPC to their organizations and/or the community.

Responsible Reporting on Suicide
Local Guidelines for Responsible Reporting on Suicide in the Media, developed by the SPC Media Subcommittee.

SPAP and SPC Sample Newsletter Text.
A 500 word description of the SPAP and the SPC, for use in newsletters and other publications to promote our work.

San Diego County Suicide Prevention Council:  An Update on 2011 Activities
A summary report describing 2011 suicide prevention activities taking place in San Diego County by the SPC and partner organizations.